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Company Product & Service Description

6/F, ITM Bldg. 255 Srinakarin Rd.
Nhongbon, Prawet
Bangkok 10250

Tags: lab, laboratory, equipment 

ITALMAR (THAILAND) CO., LTD. has more than 40 years of experience in supplying all scientific laboratory products.
We become one of the leading companies in providing and supplying wide range of basic chemicals, reagents and labware for laboratories.
All of our products have been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and conformity to the international
ERBApharm® CARLO ERBA Reagents has developed the ERBApharm® product line on the specific requests of the pharmaceutical market. These products are designed to be used as raw materials, synthetic intermediates, reagents for the production of active principles, excepients and biopharma solutions. CARLO ERBA Reagents is able to handle both liquids and powders, including hazardous and high flammable material; ...more