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Company Product & Service Description
ALCHEMIST SCIENTIFIC CO LTD  แอลเคมิสท์ ไซเอนติฟิค บจก.

Patio Rama 9-Srinagarindra, 300/218 Krungthep Kritha Rd.
Hua Mak, Bang Kapi
Bangkok 10240

ALCHEMIST SCIENTIFIC Co., Ltd aim to provide the quality equipment, supplies and service support to science community. In accordance to tradition from the top brand, including Anatylia (Cole-Parmer/Masterflex/Ismatec and others), GVS, and Stakpure which the brands have been used extensively in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Chemical and Food and  Beverage Industries. We also provide a ...more
Brand: Cole-Parmer
Model: Water Bath and Re-circulating Bath

- Refrigerating / Heating Bath, Capacity 7,15,20,28 Liter, Temp -20° to 170°C (7L), Temp -30° to 170°C (15,20,28L).
- Heating Only Bath, Capacity 7,15,20,28 Liter, Temp Ambient +10° to 170°C.

Brand: Cole-Parmer
Model: 130, 500 and 700 Watt Ultrasonic Processor

Application: Sample preparation, Cell lysing, Disaggregation, ...more

Brand: Masterflex
Model: C/L, L/S, I/P, B/T

- C/L: Compact, low-flow pump that easily fits on benchtop. Flow range 0.002 to 43mL/min
- L/S: High-accuracy drives for precise flow control and dispensing. Flow range 0.0006 to 3400mL/min
- I/P: Powerful systems that provide better protection from dust or water. Flow range 0.012 to 19 LPM
- B/T: Highest flow rates-ideal for large batch fluid ...more

Brand: Ismatec
Model: IPC Digital

Ideal for continuous pumping or for dispensing in any of five modes:
- Flow rate: 0.0004 to 44 mL/min (depending on tubing size used and model used).
- By time: 0.1 seconds to 999.9 hours.
- Batches: set delay between dispensed volumes.
- Drip-free: program back-steps to prevent drips.
- Volume displays in mL or µL.
Brand: Ismatec
Model: ...more

Brand: GVS
Model: Syringe Filters

GVS Life Science Division offer a full line of laboratory filtration and analysis products, providing an incomparable experience for customer in the analytical, chemistry and life science laboratories.
Syringe Filters:
GVS syringe filter devices designed to provide fast and efficient filtration. They are made with a wide variety of membrane filters. ...more

Brand: Stakpure
Model: OmniaTap (Ultrapure Water)

Stakpure – OmniaTap
The allrounder for Pure Water type I + II
OmniaTap is the ideal system when both pure water and ultrapure water are required, but in relatively small amounts. The ability to provide both types from a single system results from the combination of ultramodern purification technologies. These also make it possible ...more


334 Soi Ladprao 71 (Sangkomsongkrawnua 1), Ladprao Rd.
Klong Chaokhun Sing, Wang Thong Lang
Bangkok 10310

We are the most reputable medical device distributor in Thailand. We've been marketing various kind of medical equipment, laboratory and IVD analyzers, scientific equipment and medical supplies. For sicentific division, 1. We offer analytical instruments for biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields 2. We support reagents and equipments for molecular field 3. We provide general laboratories' equipments ...more
Meditop provides analytical instruments such as Automated analyzer for cell culture analysis, Dissolution, Transdermal diffusion, Physical tester for drug samples, and Bioreactor & control system, etc.
- เครื่องวิเคราะห์การเพาะเลี้ยงเซลล์แบบอัตโนมัติ
- เครื่องทดสอบการละลายของยาเม็ด
- เครื่องทดสอบการซึมผ่านของยา
- เครื่องวัดคุณสมบัติทางกายภาพของเม็ดยา
- เครื่องวัดความกร่อนของเม็ดยา

Meditop provides reagents and equipments such as LAMP reagents, TB LAMP reagent, Realtime turbidimeter, Electrophoresis, Plate sealer, Gel documentation, UV transillumination, Thermal cycler, and Pipette, etc.
- สารสำหรับเพิ่มปริมาณสารพันธุกรรมด้วยเทคนิค LAMP
- เครื่องวัดความขุ่นแบบ Real-Time (เครื่องเพิ่มปริมาณสารพันธุกรรมด้วยเทคนิค LAMP)
- ชุดอิเล็กโทรโฟลิซิส
- เครื่องเคลือบฝาเพลท

Meditop provides general laboratories' equioments such as Washer disinfector, Autoclave, Centrifuge, Biological Safety Cabinet, Freeze dryer, Freezer, Refrigerator, Ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrasonic disrupter, Syringe and Needle, Water purification system, Dry bath, Water bath, Shaker, and Incubator, etc.
- เครื่องล้างอุปกรณ์ในห้องปฏิบัติการ
- เครื่องนึ่งฆ่าเชื้อ
- เครื่องปั่นเหวี่ยง


99/5 Moo 20
Lamlukka, Lamlukka
Pathum Thani 12150

ALTER AIRCONDITIONING CO. LTD was established in 1989 as a sub-contractor in Heating, Ventilation and Airconditioning systems/Clean Rooms/Environmental Buildings and Factory Utilities systems. In 1991, it formed a JV with a Japanese air handling manufacturer to assemble air handling units in Thailand to serve the local Japanese market only. In 2003, the JV was dissolved and the Thai partners formed ...more
At Alter Airconditioning, we use a software that is developed inEurope, to make the optimum equipment selection before submitting our quotation, full technical specifications and drawings. Any variables such as local climatic condition, unusual psychometric and physical parameters, are taken into account automatically. Clients are presented with computer generated, certified drawings for approval prior ...more


122, 123 Moo 1
Bangkhanoon, Bangkruay
Nonthaburi 11130

Tags: lab, laboratory, equipment 

Since our founding in 1976, Gammaco (Thailand) Co, Ltd. has been trusted by teachers and students to manufacture and distribute high quality and name brand laboratory chemicals, supplies, equipment, furniture, and glassware. We unconditionally adhere to our principal of an international equipment standard for an international quality education. Our research,
Labfors 5 The first self-cleaning and self-sterilising bench-top bioreactor in the world Mostly used for: - Bacteria (E.coli, Pseudomomas, etc.) - Fungi (Aspergillus, Streptomyces, etc.) - Yeast (P. pastoris, Saccharomyces, etc.) - Cultures from 0.5 L to 10 L Key Benefits: Flexible and application-optimised configurations Splashproof touch screen with OPC server Parallel bioreactor option Faster results ...more

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