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63/3 Arun-Amarin Rd.
Bangkok Noi
Bangkok 10700
Tel: (66) 2434 0130
Fax: (66) 2433 8692

Mr. Chatchai Chantawongvuti, Managing Director 
Ms. Srinongluk Kositthanakorn, Director

Products & Services
Water Purification System Water Purification System

Smart NW
· Up to flow rate 2.0L/min for ultra pure water (18.2MΩ.CM) and 30L/hr for
· RO water (0-20µs/cm) produced from 2 separate outlets
· Combined technology of RO, UV Photo-oxidation, UV sterilization, deionization and ultra-filtration
· 4-channel resistivity sensor for monitoring system operation and water quality variation
· Distinctive inner pressure structure design enables a closer contact between water and resin
· Patented pretreatment cartridge validated to extend the lifetime of RO cartridge
· Integrated with UV oxidizer(185nm) and UV sterilizer(245nm)
· 2 models (UV and VF) designed for low TOC (1-3ppb) and /or low endotoxin (<0.001EU/ml)
· Multi-alarming for filter life expiry, water quality and water pressure
· 30 litres standard water tank with internal pump and 5-level float sensor
CO2 Incubator
Precise Temperature, CO2 Control and High Humidity
· Direct heat design ensures quick heating and rapid temperature recovery
· Air jacket yields exceptional temperature uniformity with no temperature gradients
· Two individual PT1000 temperature sensors
· TCD CO2 sensor offers specific measurements and accurate control of CO2 levels
· AUTO-START function ensures a stable and accurate working system
· The new sealed inner glass doors reduce recovery time of temperature, CO2 and humidity
Contamination control system
· 90ºC moist heat decontamination cycle
· The CO2 sensor can remain in the chamber during the entire 90ºC moist heat disinfection cycle.
· CO2 gas passes through a HEPA filter before entering the chamber
· Chambers are pressed from a single sheet of stainless steel, with no weld or seam
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